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Asheville 12 Step Recovery Club

Minutes: 2018-06-13

Asheville 12 Step Club Board Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2018
Meeting held at 797 Haywood Rd. Suite 202 Asheville, NC 29906
Members Present: Carl Alguire, John Sperry, Chuck Anderson, Bill Whitehead, Audrey Yatras, Jamie White, Morgan McCants, Jeff Masterman
Meeting was chaired by: Carl Alguire
Approval of Consent: Minutes from the May board meeting approved
Motions and Actions: Board approved to hold an event for July 4th
Reports: Finance Report was given and discussed stating the further need for additional revenue sources to meet increased overhead costs relative to our new facility. Website Report discussed needing to post financial information on the website. Maintenance Report discussed information about fire marshal and also a discussion on the maintenance issue that was recently resolved. Membership Report was given discussing the need for membership increases, what needs to be on the membership envelope, and possible corporate memberships. Events discussed having a July 4th cook out
Items discussed:
 2018 Grant
 Possibly getting a new lease
 Scripting in the meetings at the clubhouse
 Supplies being bought by Morgan McCants
 Calendar for the website
 Corporate Membership Opportunities
 Literature system update
 Update the calendar on the website
 Finances to be posted on the website
 Flyer for financial scripting to be done and inserted into group boxes
 Membership envelopes to be updated
 July 4th event
 Morgan to buy supplies after receiving an inventory list