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Asheville 12 Step Recovery Club

Minutes: 2018-03-13

Asheville 12 Step Recovery Club
Board Meeting, March 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Carl A., Chairman

Attending; Bill W., John S., Loretta B.
Absent; Audrey Y.
Guests; Tiffanie C., Chuck A.

The Minutes had been previously been submitted online by Audrey Y., and they were unanimously approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was read and submitted by John S., Treasurer. John said that we have an outstanding bill with the Central Office and that the rent is due. He said that as yet, funds were not sufficient to write those checks. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted. John said the expenditure at Central Office was not pre-authorized, as is Board Policy for any expenditure of over $100.00. He expressed the need to capture reimbursement from those books that were sold. Loretta said she will look into the balance of reimbursement for literature and serve as Literature Chairman until she retires from the Board in June, 2018.

Chuck A. and Tiffanie C. were invited to become members of the Board of the AVL12. After a question and answer session followed by discussion, both Chuck and Tiffanie agreed to join the Board.

Carl A. said we needed a commitment from Audrey Y. related to the position of Secretary. Carl said he would commit to providing an Agenda before every future Board Meeting but we still need a Secretary to record and submit Minutes every month. Loretta said she would speak to Audrey and that she, Loretta, will serve as a Temporary Secretary.

The group agreed to a target number of 7 Board Members plus an alternate. Brack J.’s resignation was formally accepted, and Carl A. accepted the position as Chairman and President of the Board. Garrett C. has been invited to next month’s Board Meeting on April 10th, 2018, as a prospective member, and his commitment is likely. Chuck A. recommended that a “couple of positions” should be considered, such as someone to assume the mantle of Maintenance, and another to be a point person for Membership.

Loretta said there needed to be an Events Chairperson, and Carl said we have a pressing need for Fundraising, as a position and as the next topic.

Carl presented a tri-fold handout for use by the AVL12 in fundraising. He asked members to examine the handout and recommend edits within the next two weeks. Carl handed out a copy of a poster about the value of basket donations, and said that his spouse will create and donate this to the Club. The issues of a “GoFundMe” page, a Coke machine at the Club and the value of a personal email appeal to friends and family were revisited. Bill suggested we consider every Club event as a fundraiser.

Loretta reminded Members about our “Spring Fundraiser” on April 22nd. . The event begins at 3:15pm with a lecture on “Mindfulness Meditation” presented by Dr.Brack Jefferys. From 4:30 til 5:45pm will be the Potluck and Raffle, then clean up for the Speaker’s Meeting at 6pm. At 7pm we will ask for help cleaning up, Loretta said she will include that on the sign up sheet for the Menu and asked that all Board Members attend if possible.

Since there was no further business, it was moved and seconded that the meeting be closed. The vote being unanimous, the Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Loretta Beier