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Asheville 12 Step Recovery Club

Minutes: 2018-04-10

Asheville 12 Step Recovery Club
Board Meeting, April 10th, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Carl A., Chairman.
Attending: Carl A., Loretta B., John S., Chuck A., Tiffanie C., and Audrey Y.
Absent; Bill W.
Guest: Garrett C.

Minutes from the meeting of April 10th were pre-submitted online. It was moved and seconded and voted unanimously that the Minutes be approved.

Treasurer’s Report was not completed because John S. said he was missing some data to complete the Report. He said that The ABC grant check had come in that day, so our present account balance was $1600.00 after outstanding bills were paid. He said the completion of the report would be submitted online.

Garrett C. was invited to join the Board and accepted. Carl A. introduced the need for a “Building and Maintenance” position. Chuck A. said he was under the impression that Bill W. already filled that role. Since Bill was not present, it was decided to put that discussion on the Agenda for the May 14th meeting.

The Group again took up the issue of Fundraising. Chuck A. had provided a copy of A.A. Guidelines Related to The Relationship between AA and Clubs. The Group consensus was that since our club is not AA, we are not bound by such Guidelines but will make every attempt to honor them. The Group also voted in favor of limiting Corporate Donations to the Club to $10,000.00, the exception being the Grant from ABC.

Chuck A. and Carl A. reported that neither of them received a notice of the Spring Fundraiser. Loretta explained that there had been a lapse in management of the Members Spreadsheet. Carl asserted that having a Communications Chairperson and an Events Chairperson would address such problems. Carl asked Audrey Y. if she would manage a Calendar on the web site which would have events listed a year in advance. He added that the commitment would include notifying Pam at Central Office (complying with the required advance) to list our events in Mountain Doin’s.

Chuck A. said he was willing to take on the role of Membership Director, and the Group accepted his offer

There being no further business, the meeting was concluded at 7:40pm by unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted, Loretta Beier, Acting Secretary